Recent Purchase

Hello everyone, it’s been a long time since my recent post. 

I’m back with a recent purchase.  This is a dupe for the Makeup Forever Flash Color Case. It contains 12 different colors if Grease paint that can be mixed for unlimited color combo possibilities In the top of the picture is the official one from Makeup Forever. The bottom picture is the dupe from eBay. I ordered it the first week of March and received it yesterday. Reviews for other people that have bought it said that they performed the same. $99 vs $10. 

Thanks for reading. 


Recent Purchases

Good day luvies. These are a couple of things that I picked up this week. First up is this red liner (Red The Scene 656B) from Wet and Wild. I believe it’s new to the line. Here’s a swatch. It glides on like like butta. Incredibly smooth, no tugging. Can’t wait to try it out. 

Next up are these babiesThey are from Ruby Kisses. I got them in the colors My Pre•rog•a•tive and U Make Me Happy They take more than one coat. 

Here are the swatches in the order mentioned. They on creamy and dry to a matte finish. 
My Pre•rog•a•tive pairs well with my new lip liner from Wet and Wild (top)

Live, Love Makeup 💄😘


Face Prep

Hey everyone

This here is the best mattifying combo that I have ever used. It may seem excessive to use two different moisturizers, but hey it works for me. 

My t-zone is super oily. Like this can’t be normal type of oily. This is the foundation I used it with.

My face stayed oil free for 5 hours 😱 (That’s unheard of for me). I had to blot maybe once. 

I also used this in my smile lines. 

It’s a eyeshadow primer for the collab Fergie did with Wet and Wild. It’s keeps my makeup from creasing for a couple of hours. 

Hope this this helps some of my fellow slick face makeup lovers. 


Best Face Forward 

    As I was perusing Pinterest, I stumbled across these DIY peel off face mask

    I decided to try the top version. These are the products I used. 

    This is how it came out

    It hurt like all hell, but I decided to see it through. I tried to  pull it off in one big piece but I couldn’t.

      TIP: avoid eyebrows and hairline. 

    I pulled off some of my mustache lol. But it’s all good.

    You can’t see anything, but mostly facial hairs came out with a few white heads. 

    Verdict:  I will not be trying this mask again. I hurt way too much.